Sustainable Development Partnership Framework (2016-2021)

Zambia has achieved impressive progress over the 50 years since Independence. It has chosen a peaceful path in consolidating democracy and achieving development. Zambia has played a sustained role in promoting peace in the region and has made an important contribution to global and regional policy and processes, including through its lead role as the current chair of the Landlocked Developing Countries Group, and as co-chair for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region in the Open Working Group of governments negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Zambia’s Vision 20303 articulates its aspiration to become a “prosperous middle-income nation” by 2030, the same timeframe as the SDGs. The Vision is based on seven key principles: i) genderresponsive sustainable development; ii) upholding democratic principles; iii) respect for human rights; iv) upholding good traditional and family values; v) a positive attitude to work; vi) peaceful coexistence; and vii) private-public partnerships. The Government’s strategic long-term focus for sustainable development looks to address low levels of employment in the economy, to invest in rural development, and to reduce widening economic inequalities. Zambia is well placed to adopt and localise the SDGs to reflect its own context and priorities.